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Taigu Ryokan Love Poems

Taigu Ryokan was definitely an unusual person and outstanding poet in Japanese literature. He is known as a quiet and lonely monk who lived as a hermit in mountain hermitages most of his life. Living in seclusion for some period of time allowed Ryokan to focus on his inner feelings and reveal them in love poetry and lyrics.

After reading the poems, written by Taigu Ryokan, we immediately immerse into the very essence of Zen Buddhism and hermit lifestyle of his own. The central figure there — Nature, his inspiration and the love of his life. Because of living in a poor family, he learned how to appreciate everything that surrounds him and reveal this loving emotion in poems about nature. It was his inspiration and muse.

“First days of Spring-the sky

is bright blue, the sun huge and warm.

Everything’s turning green.”

Ryokan’s poetry is often penetrated with the strong connection to religion. In his lyrics Ryokan describes Buddhism as the ever Love which is calm, simple, and devoted. He is that poet who inspires millions of people to believe in the ever-existing Love which is accumulated in Faith:

“Have you forgotten me

or lost the path here?

i wait for you

all day, every day. ”

To conclude all that has been said, love in his poetry takes another direction. It’s not about feelings between people, but emotional contact of a person to Mother Nature. Ryokan convinces us that as soon as you find love to all human beings, animals and natural environment, you will be able to become the happiest person in the whole world.

Here is a list of Taigu Ryokan Love Poems